Multi-Kem imports and markets a range of natural, modified natural, and synthetic materials. Our natural raw material base is sourced from grains, roots, trees, sea plants, and sugars. These products thicken, stabilize, gel, impart texture, and improve shelf life. In industrial applications they serve to control flow, rheology, evaporation, or serve as a matrix for other materials.


Updated information on our selective specialty products for food ingredient recipes and industrial applications are available. Those products include but are not limited to: guar gums, carboxymethyl celluloses, sucrose esters, alpha celluloses, alginates, amaranth, tapioca starch, gum blends, xanthan gum and other specialties.

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If you are unsure of your needs and are not looking for a specific product, but instead have any industrial or food application where some sort of thickening is needed, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will happy to work with you towards a solution.